Secure your prosperity

Your small business is not just an easy target for cyberattackers; it’s a likely target too. At least 40 percent of all cyberattacks hit small or midsized businesses. Why? Because attackers know that small and midsized businesses generally lack the expertise, the time, the staffing, and the overall wherewithal to defend themselves.

What’s worse, your attacker almost certainly will be around for months. On average, it takes more than 200 days for an unsuspecting company to realize it has a data breach. Think of that: You’re giving your attacker more than six months to leisurely go through your employee records, your client records, and your customers’ personally identifiable information. Moreover, you could have more than one attacker rummaging through your data at the same time. Do you think your business can grow or even survive an attack like that?

Scalable, affordable protection

Benesch Cyber Consulting tailors our services to each individual company, assessing your risks and providing you with straightforward results you can understand. We make sure you fully understand both the potential impact of your risks as well as the likelihood of those risks to be exposed. We also work with the belief that your business needs are paramount and that cybersecurity must not only protect but serve your needs.

While you focus on your customers or clients, we’ll work behind to scenes to ensure your client relationships are protected. We won’t confuse you with technical terms or steer you toward high-cost solutions that you don’t need. Our goal is to give you the information so you know what your risks are and then can make well-informed decisions that allow you to maintain your cybersecurity risk at a level that is acceptable and affordable for you.

If your business happens to be one of the few small or midsized businesses with IT or cybersecurity professionals on staff, we’ll work closely with your team on the details, providing the advice and enhancements they need to make the adjustments themselves. Or, we can shore up your security ourselves to free up their time for other customer-facing issues.

Furthermore, we provide affordable solutions that can expand as you grow your business. We’ll start with some lower-cost practices that make a significant difference while we prioritize additional solutions that you can implement later depending on your need and budget.

Shouldn’t you know just how vulnerable you are?